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156 Milne Road, Modbury Heights, South Australia, 5092
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Welcome, I hold a loving and supporting space for you to explore and talk about your everyday life with your spiritual guidance and to create clarity and understanding. I offer healing for your self care and help you to clear any negative energies

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7 reviews
  • Linda Angela·

    Thank you for taking the time today- to work on planning my session journey. I'm really looking forward to your assistance & support on my healing journey,
    So many topics you talked about. made so much sense to me... I highly recommend booking a session with Katerina if you are looking for support & direction on your soul journey - Watch this space xx

  • Cheryl Wakefield·

    I love my Crystal Lightbed sessions with Katerina.
    I feel so cleansed and peaceful afterwards.
    I have a card reading after the light bed session, and always receive some profound messages, with some guidance from Katerinas amazing insight, to give me the tools that I need to move through my life.

  • Mania Siapin·

    Thank you Katerina, I love the crystal light bed. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The healing that occurs is profound. Katerina is insightful and has a caring warmth about her. Thank you

  • Francine·

    I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with the crystal healing bed. The music was very relaxing. I would feel sensations in my body as I responded to the crystals. I also received messages through the process as though I was meditating. I always enjoyed the discussion afterwards to go over what was happening during the healing. I highly recommend giving the crystal healing bed a go. Thank you Katerina x

  • Julie·

    Recently I booked a Session with Katerina because I was looking for a stronger connection with my higher self and to see if any energetic blocks could be identified and removed.
    Being with Katerina was like having an afternoon chat with a dear friend who is offering valuable information they have observed about you! At least that’s how it felt to me.
    So much insight was received and many ah ha moments that helped me better understand who I truely am.
    Katerina and her Team also worked on me at a physical level and removed energy threads, black goo and a knife which had been imbedded in my heart in a past life…. A few days afterwards I noticed the heaviness and discomfort I’d been feeling around my heart had lifted and the pain gone.
    The remote Crystal bed therapy was totally amazing I feel refreshed and my energy field feels cleaner and brighter.
    Thank you Katerina, you are amazing xo

    Julie Australia

  • Lisa Ward·

    I had a wonderful session Energy Light Bed Remote Healing. I zoomed with Katerina from the comfort of my own bedroom in the U.S. She had me set up the phone so she could see me and I laid down with my crystals around me that I choose. Did some deep breathing while listening to music. She had me use headphones then relax and let go. I imagined myself lying under the lights and connected with them. I could see bright colors and felt myself there lying under the lights. Once in meditation I was off on a journey of remembrance seeing visions of my self as a child in a past life. I was in a very good place nothing traumatized. I also saw stars and astral traveled. Then after the music was over we discussed what I experienced. She connected with the angels and explained what she saw and the messages that were given to her for me. Great experience I would do it again.

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